Parkgate and Neston United Reformed Church

.By the time you read this the Church Budget for 2017 will have been presented at the Church Meeting, and the copies of proposals distributed.

As mentioned in the October Grapevine 2016, when preparing the next years budget, the Finance Team examines the current years income and expenditure.  The team would like to share some of this information with you.

You will know that we had some unexpected costs this year. 

These included:

Church Heating. The boiler failed its annual test and was found to be beyond repair.  Replacement of the church boiler and repairs to the hall boiler amounted to £4,671.  (We expected a maintenance cost of around £200).

Organ Repairs: The organ pipe assemblies needed to be dismantled and cleaned, plus some repairs being necessary, at a cost of £775.

Sound Amplification System:  This wasn't unexpected, though it wasn't in the budget for 2016. A decision was made at a church meeting to install a new system, and popular support was demonstrated by members' willingness to make donations towards the cost.  The total cost was £4,386 and we received donations amounting to £3,410. We expect to claim £300 in Gift Aid so the contribution from the general fund, not budgeted for, amounts to £575.

In preparing for the 2016 budget we hoped that income from 'givings' would amount to £49,500 but will probably only amount to £45,200.

The extra expenditure and reduced income means that our reserves are being eroded and we may have problems if there are any large unexpected items in the near future.