Parkgate and Neston United Reformed Church

Eternal God,

Lord, we pray that you are able to provide solace and inspiration to those who feel detached from you at this moment. Those who feel that you may not be present in their daily lives, or find it difficult to turn their thoughts towards to you. We pray that they are able to once again experience your ever present and glorifying nature and realise that you had never left them, but were always there waiting.

We thank you, Lord, for providing us the time and space to live and breathe both physically and spiritually. We thank you for your patience and grace for all those who feel spiritual crisis in their lives. Most of all, we thank you for being beside us at all times; whether we recognise this or not.

We pray for those close to us in their time of need who may feel alone and abandoned.  Be with them and comfort them and ensure that your love is with them always even if they or we don't know it ourselves


A Carer's Prayer

Let me be kind when tiredness overwhelms

my weary brain and turns my legs to lead;

let me brave when truths must be conveyed,

confronting the past and all things left unsaid;

let me fight on for you when various rules

make nonsense of your rights and reinforce your fears;

grant me the stamina to speak and treat with fools,

remaining calm when biting back the tears.

Help me to know somehow that life goes on

beyond this time of stress and sleepless nights;

help me to smile and love you in the midst

of endless pointless and exhausting fights.

And when the caring ends, help me to be

kind, in my guilt and weariness, to me.

By Heather Smith / from website