Parkgate and Neston United Reformed Church

Sunday, 1st October 2017

Let us Pray

Dear Lord, we come again to the point when we ask for your help for others, near and far.

In this day and age with news prvided up to the minute, one downside is that situations become old news very quickly and tend to lose the headlines.  For example, while we have been kept aware of the problems wought by weather in the North Caribbean islands and Southern states of America, let us not forget those coming to grips with the aftermath of the earthquake in Mexico City and let us remeber the dire plight of those fleeing from terror in Myanmar from an apparently still oppressive regime, to Bangladesh that itself is struggling as it has been reported that 1/3 of its landmass is underwater.  PLease help those in authority there to stop the brutal oppression and bloodshed and giv esuccour to the refugees.

We plead also for your blessings on the people of the Middle East, a region which has almost become used to conflict and in which it is far from easy to balance the rights and wrongs.  May we particlularly ask for your support for the Kurdish people who have overwhemingly, in the last week, voted to democratically work towards independence for their samll nation.  Please guide other states, including our own, to respect their views and to work constructively towards a peaceful outcome for people of all faiths in this volatile region.

We bring all of the people involved in these area of your world to your attention and ask that you provide the necessary guidance towards Justice, Tolerance and Understanding

Additionally, please be with the many thousands of people on Bali who have had to flee their homes because of possible volcanic activity.  Please provide the support htey need to return home safely.

Her at home we ask that you guide and direct the leaders of our country in ongoing negotiations which will determine the future of our nation.

In our local church community we remeber those who cannot be with us this morning.  Bless the Lord and let them know that you are with them every step of the way.  Now in a moment of silence we think of those close to us who are in need of your loving care.

Finally Lord please give us stregth and courage to respond to what you ask of us and we ask this with the confidence of knowing that you are always with us, in every circumstance, to help, pretect and guide us - in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Memorial Book

During the month of September we remember especially those named in the memorial book:

Brian Pigg; Henrietta Mabel Green; Bertie Payne; May Barlow; John Bentley; William Wright and Jessie Kate Pritchard

The memorial book is displayed at the back of the church