Parkgate and Neston United Reformed Church

Prayers of Intersession – February 2018

Dear Lord

we have come here today looking for you just as Simon and his companions did. 

We come to hear your Word, to listen for your guidance, to understand your way.

Lord, we ask your care for all those suffering in the world. 

Be with those who are living with the effects of natural disasters. 

with those who are living with the effects of war. 

those who are hungry and those who are homeless. 

Provide them comfort and hope in these desperate times

We pray for the great powers of the world, the strong nations, and mighty governments.  

May their power be used properly so that the poor are protected, the weak are not exploited, and no one is oppressed.  

Help them to listen for your guidance and to understand your way

We pray for all who are in weakness of body, mind or spirit,

Those within our community who feel they are alone and helpless, shunned by society for reasons of health or circumstance

We think of all who are losing their mobility or agility,

of those who no longer trust in anyone,

and those who doubt your love;

we pray that they don’t stop seeking you out Lord and will once again hear your voice

We give thanks Lord for all who have cared for us in times of weakness;

for those who have uplifted our spirits and given us new hope.  

For those within our Church who, by their words and deeds, help us come closer to understanding your way;

and for those who touch our lives making a difference with a smile and a kind word.              

Help us Lord to be that person for others              

We ask that you hear us now as we bring before you the prayers we hold in our hearts, our friends and families, who may be finding life difficult at the moment. and to bless those we keep in our thoughts.

And so, Lord we pray today that our world will know your healing touch and your forgiving heart.

That those who have been hurt by insincere actions and damning words will hear your healing voice.

That those whose lives are filled with dark thoughts, or unimaginable fears, will know your peace.

Help us to hear your voice, discern your will and grow closer to you.